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The Plant Nappy® is a new, light and user friendly method of spill containment; designed to replace existing, traditional drip trays. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, it is rugged enough to stand plant on it all year round to contain the odd mishap that could occur on site.

Plant Nappy
Whilst encapsulating any drips or spills of oil the mat freely allows passage of water, such as rainfall, thus eliminating costly emptying of contaminated trays after use. The mat can be stood on uneven ground or slight inclines with no loss of performance ensuring your company is protected at all times.
The Plant Nappy® is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure environmentally friendly practice on site, avoiding possible prosecution or monetary fine for contamination of ground and water.

The task of development and bringing a finished product to market fell to Manvers Engineering Ltd.
The Plant Nappy® has successfully achieved grant of patent and is now protected by patent laws.

Both Morrison Construction Services and Balfour Beatty are intent on using the Plant Nappy® systematically on site.